itz fabuLYSS?!?! (______brandnew) wrote in hott_emofuckers,
itz fabuLYSS?!?!

Name: Alyssa
 Age: 14
 Location: ima "masshole"
 Single or Taken: taken
 10 favorite bands: taking back sunday, matchbook romance, spill canvas, silverstein, boys night out, motion city soundtrack, mest,from autumn to ashes, starting line, the used
 5 bands you hate: yellowcard, co&ca, metallica, ac/dc, KORN!!!
 10 songs you love: hear me out,  slowdance on the inside, bowl of oranges, lovesong, i want you, loveliss wrists, anywhere with you,leaving, surrender, pretty girl
 5 songs you hate: any britney spear song so that basically beats it all
 What do you like to do in spear time: anything.
 What you hate the most: liers, fakes.
 Post at least 4 clear pictures of yourself. (Max: 10 pics):

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Alyssa is a hottie, alyssa is a hottie =).

+++ your my friend

so yeah, I say yes

haha Im just kidding.
I love you and I think your swell
and I would never say no to you!!!!