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Location: Hollyfucked, Ca.
Single or Taken: Single
10 favorite bands: cocteau twins, josh groban (i know but i love classical. i'm just emo like that. its music to kill to. or die.), Violent femmes, Oingo Boingo, Brand New, Thursday, Los Lobos, Radio Head, Sonic Youth.
5 bands you hate:i really think everything can be appreciated.
10 songs you love:Dead mans party, war all the time, guernica,  Dia De Los Muertos, not your (summer vacation), can i have the keys(dear?), Runaway, the escape song, bleeding mascara (by atreyu), only happy when it rains.

5 songs you hate:i dont really hate any song except the happy birthday song. oh, and hit me baby one more time, that one drives me bonkers. BONKERS I TELL YOU!!!
What do you like to do in spare time: go to the blvd, flirt, and see if i can get a free tattoo again. other than that, i take photographs of everything and anything, i'm a camwhore as well, and i love to write. i write tons of prose and poetry, in fact i think i'll show you some.

its been a while...

i suppose the reason is in his eyes. he knows he murdered her. no, shes not dead as his hands. but he gave her the method, he burried her the grave. her, all but... perfect, him, all or nothing. so where did the pain go, but into her hands and heart. her eyes clashed with his, there was no fight. just tears and hugs, these where his weapons. i'love'you's and will you be mine's. these were his WMDs. the best part of what has happened was the part i must have missed. she wasnt writing any goodbyes, she was just remembering the times when they were very young. holding eachother like little ones do, making sure the rain didnt make them cold. and when everything was settled in her mind a sudden insanity took over.

the walls had music


i'm so sorry, please forgive me, my mind has wandered...

ring around the rosey...

bring me the black death. bring me any death. she laughed hysterically slamming her fists against the walls of her soundproof basement and realized with a sudden excitement that she was going to die without him. as her mind spun around him kissing the other girl, she kept slamming her bloody arms against the ground and laughing until she lost her voice. the evils of sin, they mattered as much as a fly on the wall now. striving for mediocrity was nothing now, screaming in your sleep was no more. perfection was her goal. and here, in the basement of blood, she had it. with one last scream, she slammed her skull, hard, against the concrete slab of a floor.

he walked in with the other girl, hours later, after asking her mother where she was. his facial expression didnt change.

he just. left....


thats some of my prose.

What you hate the most: ignorance.
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