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Name: chelsi
 Location: fitchfuck
 Single or Taken:single
 10 favorite bands:fallout boy, less than jake, hawthorne heights, sugar cult,senses fail,the front runner, mcr, greenday,jimmy eat world, and taking back sunday
 5 bands you hate: pop bands
 10 songs you love:its not a side effect of the cocaine, i think it must be love, let it enfold you, grand theft autumn, the patron saint of liars and fakes, buried a lie, youre cute when you scream, the irony of dying on your birthday, martini kiss, sending postcards from a plane crash
 5 songs you hate:drop it like its hot, lets get it started, baby one more time, oops i did it again, peices of me
 What do you like to do in spear time: listen to music, write stuff, take pics, and go online
 What you hate the most: ashlee and jessica simpson, and hilary duff  

*dont have any pics of myself, u kno what i look like*

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